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Dayens Menuetto Integrated Amplifier    $1,250.00

  The Dayens Menuetto Integrated Amplifier is a step up from the Dayens Ampino in realism and impact; which 6 Moons calls a Ultra Component and beat out $90,000.00 mono blocks.

  If you want flesh and bones in your musical presentation then the Menuetto is your amp. You can see the wood on the cellos and violins.

  The amp has a small footprint and awesome looks. It has a very high Wife Acceptance Factor - WAF. Guaranteed to impress.

a Has A Rich, Full Bodied, Organic, Presentation. 
a Excellent Sound Staging And Placement. 
a Seperates Musical Notes and Instruments Very Well. 
a Easy To Listen To For Long Periods Of Time. 
a Mundorf Mcap ZN Foil Input Capacitors.
a Mundorf Mlytic Si Audio Grade Electrolytic Capacitors. 
a Alps RK27 Blue Velvet Volume Control. 
a Quality Parts Used Throughout The Amp. 
a Elegant Size And Footprint - Accents Any Decor. 
a 1 Year Warranty. 

a $1,250.00 Each             EMAIL       HDAudio        For In Store Specials            
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                                                        CANADA   (403) 596-2233
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Rated Power Per Chan.:    50 watts / 8 ohms - 75 / 4 Ohm

Inputs:                            4 RCA

Frequency Response:        1 Hz - 200 KHz 

Signal To Noise:               >90     

Dimensions W D H:           9””x 13-3/4” x 4-1/8”

                                       230 mm x 350 mm x 105 mm

Weight:                            13.5 lbs - 6.3 kg

Warranty:                       1 year

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